Ah, so this year, I have seriously been getting into holiday romance reads.

I do feel that it helps bring in the festive spirit for the season and certainly enjoy reading them.

My one question is though: why does it seems like in any of these holiday romances that a parent dies in the past for the main character or the love interest?

Baffles my mind when I think about it.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite holiday reads here.

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Nick and Noel’s Christmas Playlist

Pink book Cover of Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist

This hit all the right places in my heart. It’s been a while since I have read a wholesome romance that touches grief, love, power of friendship and family and dealing with misconceptions of people. This is a story of childhood friendship that blossoms into romance and a little second chance romance between the main characters.

Nick comes home from a tour of duty to find that his girlfriend Amber dumps him hard at her front doorstep. Luckily for Nick, he had his close friends help pick him back up. One of those friends is Noel who he has been best friends with since childhood. To get back at Amber, Noel offered to be his fake girlfriend to get her jealous. Little did they know that they were strong feelings for one another that they have buried deep inside.

In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Lime green background with Christmas lights

A Christmas story that is based off the famous movie Groundhog Day in a friends to lover trope.

Mae is having to relive Christmas week over and over again. After wishing that she can redo the week, she was given a chance after a car accident in the town. There she redoes the week over and over again attempting to make the week prefect.

But along the way realizes that she was looking to love in the wrong places and that happiest is who you are with and not where you are at.

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

Book Cover: 10 blind dates

This is a super cute and lighthearted YA holiday romance of a girl who had a major break up and her family is nosing in her business.

To help Sophie get over her ex, her family decided to set her up with 10 blind dates with activities of the family members choosing. These dates get her to do things that she wouldn’t normally do on her own. Like being in a nativity scene and it is with the mysterious date.

As Sophie goes on these dates, she starts to heal and develops feelings for someone else.

This has high school drama and a hilarious family that you don’t want to miss.

The Fake Santa Apology

Light blue book cover: White text The Fake Santa Apology Tour. Woman holding Christmas lights and man with white beard wearing santa hat

A woman who has a thing for Santas. Mmm…intertesting.

Birdie Mae is a writer of Santa fiction. Basically, her main thing is romance with Santa’s as the main characters. Every year, she goes to a Christmasy town to get inspiration and write a new book. Also, every year she has new boyfriend that is a Santa from a mall, etc.

This town has Nicholas, a boy she met years ago that cursed her with bad Christmas. But she has a thing Santa’s and boy does he look like one.

So, This is Christmas

Book Cover: pink background with white text "So, This is Christmas" Teen girl hugging teen boy in the middle of some green pine trees covered in snow

This is a cute Contemporary YA romance read that has the teen drama and romance all in one book. This has humor, real life issues and teens working through their teen drama.

Finley is having a hard time in the prestigious boarding school. As a native Oklahoma girl, she never really fit into the group of students there. When she went home for Christmas, she decided that she no longer wanted to go back.

A classmate by the name of Author from the UK shows up. He has come with his aunt with the intention of having a small town Christmas. She may have fibbed, a little on the website.

Finley agrees to give Author the Christmas on the website. Soon, feelings develop in this small town romance.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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