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I just enjoy romances that are not exactly cookie cutter. A Cosmic Kind of Love is one of them.

This romance deals with personal topics such as loss and family. Setting boundaries with the people you love. The characters learn to discover that they, I matter too.

Book Cover: A Cosmic Kind of Love Man and woman with laptops on laps sitting on two planets

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Hallie is an event coordinator for a top agency in New York. Where she plans parties, weddings and such for top celebrities and people with money. Hallie is known not only for her work in event planning but also her pink hair and being in crazy situations that are caused by her need to please people.

She also got dumped for not appearing successful enough and caught between a battle of her divorced parents.

One day, she accidentally received a video file from one of her brides. The video files were of the bride’s ex-boyfriend who was an astronaut, and he was sending the videos while he was in space.

Feeling low in her life, she decided to send a video of herself to the astronaut. Apologizing for seeing the videos and wanting to get to know him.

Captain Christopher Ortiz feels hopelessly lost in life. After he returns from his mission in space, he finds he doesn’t know what to do with himself. His father is breathing down his neck about returning to Nasa and his now ex-girlfriend is getting married to someone she cheated with during his time in space.

Then one day, he received a video of Hallie talking about her life and instantly got angry that she invaded his private life. Christopher requested that the emails looked bounced. But then Hallie kept sending new videos of her life and Christopher started to be intrigued by Hallie.

There he staged for her to be his event planner for his retirement party from the military. Even though Hallie doesn’t know he has seen the videos, they start to get to know one another and fall in love.

Even though this was a very cute book and I love things about Chris and Hallie’s love story. I did find that the synopsis of the books didn’t really line up with what happened in the book. Yes, there was an exchange of video messages, but it wasn’t the whole point of the story. It is how they met, not really how they fell in love.

This book really centered around family expectations, setting boundaries and knowing what you want and not what others want. It was painful to read how the parents treated Chris and Hallie. It was heartbreaking and so glad in their own way they started to stand up for themselves. One parent wasn’t really dealt with in the book, so I wish there was some closure on that one.

I did find that once they officially got together romantically, that the pacing of the story started lagging. It picked up once reality hit for them too, but there was certainly a lull in the story.

Spoiler Alert!

Chris has this misconception that he can still be a close friend to his ex while dating Hallie. When Chris’s logical brain goes “oh Hallie will understand while I go and be the emotional support for my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me.” *Face palm* No wonder she wanted to break up with him. I am glad at the end that he gathered his senses on that, but wow. 

A Cosmic Kind of Love is cute and a fun read that I would recommend for some light and enjoyable reading.

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Book Cover: A Cosmic Kind of Love Man and woman with laptops on laps sitting on two planets
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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