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A Duel with the Vampire Lord

Married with Magic Series #3

By: Elise Kova

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This book in the Married to Magic is about vampires. Agh…finally not a teen romance vampire story. 

So far, I am really enjoying the work of Elise Kova. Even though her writing style feels slightly long winded, she has a way of bringing normal or overdone things to life.

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This story starts with a village right outside of the Fade in Hunter’s Hamlet. Where they are attacked by dangerous vampires every full and blood moon. So, the men in the town train to be warriors to defend the town from the vampires that drain blood and steal their faces.

Floriane is our main character who, along with her mother, is a forge maiden. A rare and vital part of the town. They forge the weapons of silver to defend themselves against the vampires.

Floriane is not allowed to be touched or touch any man in Hunter’s Hamlet. Also, her husband would be chosen for her by the Master Hunter. Who is the leader of Hunters Hamlet. Secretly though, her twin brother trains her to fight like a hunter. 

On the night of the blood moon, Floriane, to protect her brother, faces off with the Vampire Lord. Instead of killing her, he kidnaps her to his kingdom to see if she can help break the curse on the vampires.

As she agrees to help, she gets to know the vampires and the curse that is on them. That both races are not what they seem to each other. Through this adventure, will humans and vampires coexist?

I love how Elise Kova spun the story of vampires in a way that you never heard before. It is unique and the story was riveting. I love the main character Floriane, even though she was dealt a hand in life. She made the best of it and didn’t allow herself to be defenseless.

So, this started out amazingly and drew me in with the plot, the pacing of the storyline and the characters. But that being said, in the middle of the book, the pacing just stops. It drags out. It is not necessarily boring information, but the details are so drawn out that you kind of wish they would get to the next part of the story. 

Like many other reviewers on this book, the length of this book was a bit too much. If the book was shortened a bit of the dialogue and some scenes that felt like it didn’t add any value to the book, would have been nice.

I would still recommend the Married with Magic series to anyone who is looking for something a bit different. I can’t wait for her next book in the series to see what happens next.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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