Kingmaker Chronicles Book 1

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My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Promise of Fire is by far a very underrated fantasy series in my opinion. Not many people talk about this book enough! It has a great magic system, romance, political intrigue and action. Each character that is introduced in this book is well thought out and loved each and everyone of them.

I can easily say that it is on my favorite fantasy series list because I am in love with this!

The story starts with Cat living in a circus as a soothsayer. Well, that is her cover story anyways. She has magical abilities that absorb other people’s or creatures’ magic, turn invisible and can sense when people are telling the truth or lying. It is a very rare magical ability called the Kingmaker.

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During the events of the circus, in comes Griffin. A Beta Sinta (basically a ruler) from the south walks in and forces her away from the circus. He tracked her down so he can convince Cat to help him and his kingdom. His version of convincing is to tie her up with a magical rope and threaten her circus friends.

Yeah, not a great start to that relationship.

On the way to Griffin’s kingdom, there is a lot of danger due to the fact that there are many who want to use Cat’s power for their evil gain.

One of those people is her mother who is another Sinta in another kingdom. Cat’s mother is a very cruel ruler and wants to use Cat’s power for evil gain. She was the one who stripped Cat of everything she loved and tortured her before she escaped. Running for her life, she constantly has to hide her powers from being traced from her evil mother.

Even though they were being attacked, Griffin started pursuing Cat and Cat resisted quite a bit. You see a lot of resistance quite a bit just because of Cat’s past and not wanting to lose people she cares about the most. This did start out as an enemy to lover’s trope which is personally my favorite trope.

In the end, the book did get dragged out a bit because it started getting into politics and catty ex-girlfriends. Also, I will admit, Griffin does get a little EXTRA towards Cat closer to the end of the book. The kind that makes you want to make you roll your eyes at him being super possessive of Cat. Even though it was a little much at the end, I loved the chemistry between them two as they learned to love one another.

As I get through the Kingmaker Chronicles, I cannot wait to see how the plot unfolds. I want to see how Cat will use her magical abilities in this world and the new life she is creating for herself with Griffin. It is hard to really write about this book in my opinion, there is so much to unpack in this story. A Promise of Fire that you have to pick up for yourself and read.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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