Bromance Book Club #5

By: Lyssa Kay Adams

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This is the fifth book of the Bromance Book Club and this installment in the series is about the famous country music star Colton Wheeler.

This is a reversed grumpy and sunshine trope with a found family aspect of it.

Other than the first book in the series, this is next in line to my favorite book in the series. We got to see more of the Bromance members in this one. Even seeing the other men from the previous books.

Vlad…Santa suit and his hockey butt. Should I say more?

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Book Cover of A Very Merry Christmas.

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This story revolves around the scrooge Gretchen who used to date Mack (Book 2) and had an amazing one night with Colton….after Mack’s wedding. Mmmm…the plot thickens.

That night, Gretchen gets spooked by Colton and runs out on him.

Fast forward a year later during Christmas time and Gretchen is trying to keep her clinic afloat as an immigration attorney. Just like with a lot of our main characters in this series, she has a past she is running from. Her family owns a profitable whiskey brand in Tennessee and they put her down and think she is going nowhere in life. The one thing she does want is to get on the foundation board of the family charity, she just needs to convince Colton Wheeler to be the brand ambassador.

Colton has his own problems. The record company doesn’t like what he last created. So, created something that would sell by the end of Christmas or his contract is off. So, he needs to find his muse or he is out of the music industry as a country star.

When Gretchen approached him about being the brand ambassador for her family company. He struck a deal where she goes out on dates with him and he would consider the offer. Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

During those dates, Colton shares Christmas traditions with Gretchen to get her in the spirit of Christmas. As her heart thaws, she starts realizing that it is possible to be surrounded and loved by family. Also allowing herself to be loved by Colton.

Gretchen was a little hard to like and it takes awhile to truly understand where she is coming from and why. There are some unresolved issues with Gretchen’s family that I felt like it wasn’t shown in the end. Which I wish there was a little more closure.

Overall, this is a very cute and enduring book from the Bromance Club.

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Book Cover of A Very Merry Christmas. Man holding book behind his back with woman in background putting star of Christmas tree
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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