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Talk about one of your favorite childhood movies being corrupted or twisted in this case in a single book. A Whole New World is a story about what happens if Jafar succeeds in getting the lamp after Aladdin retrieves it from the cave and actually becomes sultan.

Something that I see in many reviews, and I quite agree is that the first 25% of the book is super repetitive. It follows exactly like the movie, and I almost quit because I literally felt like you were watching the movie. But if you stick with it, you are in for a twist to the beloved story that you know of.

Then, when I was about to give up because it was getting boring. The craziest thing happened that changed the whole plot line of the story. There was a single push from Jafar to the Sultan which led to his death. I can tell you that I was so shocked that it happened that my love for Aladdin was ruined with what happened.

This story is not for the light of heart for sure. There is murder, torture, causing intention pain, extreme poverty and control of Jafar that made me shock that this was associated with Disney.

You see Jasmine go through the torment of losing everything she knows and people she loves die. She starts to understand the rule that her father has made which caused the city of Agrabah to be in extreme poverty because of the lack of caring on the Sultan’s part.

With the magic of Genie, Jafar tries to win the love of the people by just throwing money at them. Then, slowly but surely starts pulling back a multiplating them into following him by giving them bread only if they plead allegiance to him. So corrupt.

Jasmine, escaping the palace from the marriage of Jafar, she teams up with the street rats to take down Jafar. The more she resists, the more destruction falls on Agrabah and the more evil Jafar becomes.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Because it is like a reality check or culture shock of Disney.

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