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An Offer from a Gentleman

(Bridgertons #3)

By: Julia Quinn

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I am completely enamored by the Bridgerton family, and this 3rd book follows Benedict Bridgerton and him finding his true love at a masquerade ball.

Let me offer a disclaimer on the book cover. The picture of the book cover shows a shoe being left behind like the classic Cinderella stories. But this retelling features a glove…not a shoe. Just throwing that out there!

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Benedict is considered the second brother in society. No one really cares for who he is but that he is an eligible bachelor. On a night of a masquerade ball, he met a mysterious woman who he instantly felt like she was the one he had to marry.

This mysterious woman is named Sophie Beckett, who is a servant due to sad events of being considered an illegitimate child of an earl.

Sophie wasn’t meant to be at the ball, but she took a risk just to have one night out in society. When she wanted to be invisible, she caught the eye of Benedict who she also had a strong attraction to.

When the clock struck midnight, she ran out to avoid being caught and she left behind her glove. Not a shoe that the book cover has hinted at. Benedict sought out to find her but couldn’t be due to unfair circumstances.

Two years later, Benedict and Sophie crossed paths once more and not knowing that she was the woman at the ball, he took her into her mother’s household as a maid for his sisters. 

Now this is where it starts getting shady. How Sophie and Benedict met again was due to Sophie’s previous employer’s son, who was trying to force himself on her. But as you read the story, Benedict is really no better than him. He was literally pressuring Sophie to be his mistress and even he wasn’t sexually forcing himself on her, he certainly emotionally manipulating her.

Probably the only thing I really didn’t like about the story was the fact that he was trying to put down her morals and values to accommodate what he wants. A little entitled behavior and it annoyed me a little. He did realize his mistake, but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I felt like Sophie was a pure and wholesome person that was constantly hurt in her life but refused to let that get her down. Refused to put what she believed in for a man

 I can’t wait to continue in the series to see Colin’s story since that is where the next Netflix show is picking up in season three

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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