Sookie Stackhouse Series Book 1

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My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

One of those times I am glad that I didn’t buy the series but borrowed it from my library.

The rainbow edition of the Complete Sookie Stackhouse Series almost had me scrambling to buy it on Amazon. I mean, look it! RAINBOW!

Alas, before I invested so much in a Sookie Stackhouse series, I had to borrow the book to make sure I really wanted it. This time, I am glad I did.

Well to start, I am a sucker for vampire books. I really am. But Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris seems a little, blah after reading it. It one of those paranormal fantasy romances that hooks you in to keep going even though it is not that good.

When I was in my young and innocent youth, I read this and thought this was everything. Not really knowing much of anything, I thought this was great! But now that I am older and have read many other vampire and fantasy books. This was pretty average.

Let me give you an idea.

We have Sookie where she is a waitress at a bar called Merlotte in Bon Temps, LA. The thing about Sookie is that she has a secret power and that is that she can read minds. She constantly refers to this as her disability. Which kind of got annoying after a bit. Like it is a severe mental handicap that is preventing her from her daily life or something. When in reality it was shown that a lot of times, she can control it and throughout the book she was using it to get information she needed. 

Also, she made it sound like it hampered her sex life because she could hear everything that the person is thinking. In reality, we found she was a virgin halfway through the book. So, I scratch my head and wonder, with this power of hers…how would you know that sex for her is a disaster? And she confessed that she “doesn’t know much.” to the first guy she was with. So, I felt that was a little contradictory to the plot of the story.

Back to what I was saying.

Then one day, in comes a vampire. His name is Bill. Yes, Bill. A guy that is a flat character of a vampire. Edward Cullen is better than this. Bill fell short with me when it comes to personality. The most exciting thing I got from him is that he wears khakis. I felt that I have met better fictional men out there for me than Bill.

In this story, vampires are officially legal and they have synthetic blood to help curve them wanting human blood. But it doesn’t mean that people don’t still hate vampires. 

Unfortunately in this unexciting tiny town, murders are suddenly happening and it looks like vampires are the culprit. Bill could be a suspect. There were no hints as to who could have been the killer as you were reading. It was kinda boring. Even the last 5 pages of the books were so drawn out that I almost wanted to DNF’d it then and there. Even after investing my time in the majority of the book

You see a lot of Sookie go home and go back to work. Go home….and go back to work. Oh and there was danger thrown around in there. The theme of this book was over explaining the boring parts.

So when you did learn about the killer, it was kinda left field. A I didn’t see it coming and that isn’t a good thing.

However, I wouldn’t say that this was total trash. It was interesting enough to continue to finish this book in particular. It has some fun elements and the story could develop over time as you read the series.

I won’t exactly be rushing to the second book, but it is worth enough to let it simmer on my TBR for a bit.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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