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Bad Girl Reputation by Elle Kennedy

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Book Publish Date: October 11, 2022, Pre-Order Here

Bad Girl Reputation is a fun and romantic read and all about the second chance romance. I wasn’t sure going into this book how much I would love it, but it drew me in, and I couldn’t stop reading.

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These two characters used to be high school sweethearts that are toxic for each other but can’t get enough of each other. But then one day, Gen our main character ups and leaves the town and most importantly, Evan.

What brings Gen back to her hometown is her mother passing away and coming to town for her funeral. But she isn’t coming back as fun partying Gen, but as a more grown-up Gen.

You see Gen try to morph back to her old life without the self-destruction tendencies. But Evan seems to pull out her old self that she doesn’t want to come out. You see Evan’s shallow attempts to get her back but fails miserably when he realizes that his own antics won’t work anymore.

I really love the chemistry between these two characters. It is really what sucked me into the story. The push and pull dynamic of their relationship really pulled on my romantic heartstrings.

Even though this was a cute read, the character’s motivation did not make sense. Gen, even though she is trying to be a better person still didn’t mind having booty calls with Evan while dating a different guy. That issue was never really addressed at the end. 

Another thing is the quick wrap up at the end. It was really rushed. The problem that actually arises to threaten them apart wasn’t fleshed out and didn’t make sense to the story line. All that resistance in the end from Gen just was tossed out of the window and I still didn’t understand why because it felt forced, and it happened quickly.

All in all, I loved this read and would recommend it to romantic readers.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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