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By: Kevin Fox

Book One

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Bewilderness is a YA novel that has a blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements. This is written by an indie author where you can find this book on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

This book is unique in its own way because of the characters that the main character comes across. Also, the elements of mystery of how our main character landed in this mysterious world.

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Ambrielle wakes up in a new world where she has no memory of where she is or how she even got there. All she knows is that she is from Earth, and she is a human.

So, attempting to make the best of her situation, she explores this world and comes across Maetha. Maetha is a species that she has never seen before and knew she had to adapt quickly.

Maetha introduces her to this new world and takes her under her wing. There is a whole new world that Ambrielle didn’t even realize existed. She introduces Ambrielle to many different characters and species that threaten Maetha’s race.

As Ambrielle is there, she wonders how in the world she will get back to Earth. As she is there, she starts to slowly regain bits and pieces of her memory on Earth. 

The story unfolds as there is danger, action, romance and the mystery of how she ended up on the planet in the first place.

I found that the author’s skill in world building was amazing and the characters that we are introduced to were unique and super creative. He really knew how to draw a reader into a fictional world.

But I find though that the pacing of the plot was slow, and I didn’t feel the plot of the story wasn’t really developing at a good pace. So, I was having a hard time staying engaged with the book.

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited, this is worth picking up.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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