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Book Lovers by Emily Henry almost brought me to tears. Almost, I never cry over books. But it was close. I actually felt something in this book. The hype is actually real with this one.

Seriously, this is by far in my opinion the best contemporary romance I have ever read. It spoke to me on so many different levels that cause me to love the book more and more with each page I read.

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With Book Lovers, I decided to read audio by borrowing from my public library. I personally loved the audio version of this. But I will most likely be buying a copy of the book. Currently, there are thousands of people waiting on this book. So, I would recommend to just buy the book HERE on Amazon.

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I really resonated with Nora, the serious career woman that can be mistaken as a heartless shark but deeply cares more than she lets on. Putting her career and her sister before herself. Denying the things in life that makes her happy.

This deals with grief of losing a parent, taking responsibility at a young age that caused Nora to grow up too soon and learning to be vulnerable with people you love.

There is so much humor in this as well. Humor that isn’t awkward or out of place. Humor that had me laughing at the sheerness of the comments and jabs that Nora and Charlie make with each other.

The romance between Nora and Charlie is a slow burn. Like a slow burn to the same level of watching water boil. Feels like forever. But when it finally comes together, it is cute and amazing as you see the walls fall and Charlie doing the work to earn her trust. It is cute and it made my heart melt.

The one thing I have to point out is this: how many different ways can Nora describe Charlie’s eyes.

Burnt Caramel

Warm Caramel


More Molasses than Honey

Melted Gold

To name a few…

It took me a while to notice it but when she started opening up to Charlie, she started describing his eyes more and more frequently. Not that it makes or breaks a story, but I thought it was interesting how many different ways you describe an eye color.

Nora’s relationship with Libby is a close sister relationship. It was kind of annoying for Libby to refer to Nora as ‘Sissy,’ but it was still sweet how close they are. I didn’t see a lot of growth from Libby, but you do see her trying to be her own person with her own family.

The ending is what grabbed me the most. It is where I felt the most. The end of the story was written where you can feel the pain in the situation. Maybe because I was in those shoes once before that I was able to feel it, but it was beautifully written, and I felt it.

The ending of Book Lovers was wholesome and full of healing. Breath of fresh air because it was so refreshingly different. Certainly not like a lot of romance books that are around with cheesy romantic endings. I will still read them of course but every once in a while, it is great to pick something up that is different.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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