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Is it too early to choose Team Jackson or Team Hudson? No? Well, I will go ahead and choose the Team Hudson train. Might as well because I remember those Twilight days and you need to choose a side early.

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This series by far is getting more interesting. It has been a while since I read a 704-page book and it felt like nothing. I got so immersed in the story that it was fun to read. 

The story…not the characters. The story. Let me give you a backstory of what is happening in book 2: Crush by Tracy Wolff.

Please do not continue reading if you haven’t read this yet. I am trying to not give anything away but there are some things that I just need to talk about that might be considered spoilers. Unless you don’t care. Then by all means, continue reading. 

So we open with the book with Grace coming back from her being a stone Gargoyle. To save Jackson from Hudson who reappeared at the school, from the dead, unfinished business that Leah started, she turned herself into a stone Gargoyle to save Jackson from being killed by Hudson. Doing that caused her to be a statue for 4 months without her realizing it. In the process of those 4 months, she lost her memory of that time period. 

“Turning into stone is cool and all, if you want to be a tourist attraction.” ~Grace

Trying to get back to normal, strange things started happening where there was blacking out at school. People were getting hurt, things stolen and stuff that Grace would have no memory of. The conclusion was drawn that Hudson was in her head making her do those things. You know, the same guy that was killed by Jackson because it was said that Hudson wanted to murder anyone who wasn’t really a true vampire.

So, the main theme of this book is: get Huson out of Grace’s head. The only way to do that is get 4-5 stones together to get him out of her head. You see Grace’s friends work together to solve this problem that is beyond her. She accepts the help and is grateful for that. I am so glad it didn’t go into that ‘I don’t need help, I have trouble asking for help, and I will let everything go into flames and wonder why it happened’ trope. By far the worst trope ever.  

You also get to see what they call the trials which is what they compete in for the position of The Circle. Since there hasn’t been a need to fill a seat, the school mainly plays for fun. A dangerous kind of fun.

You got to see Grace discover her powers as a gargoyle in this book. Since there hasn’t been a gargoyle born in over 1,000 years, she was having to learn a lot on her own. And thankfully with her friends helping her touch her magic. She also learns to stand for herself and take her destiny into her own hands. Not letting Jackson always do the saving and protecting. Which I don’t always think is a bad thing to be saved every once in a while, but to her, it was bad. In a way how paranormal romances go; the brooding vampire is always over the top when he is protecting his love.

Now on to why I am Team Hudson. Since Hudson is stuck in Grace’s head, he is with her 24/7. In her thoughts, in her memories. Practically her shadow. You see a lot of snark between the two people as they learn to cope with each other in the time being. But as Grace gets to know Hudson, he is not all that he was portrayed to be? I honestly feel that he is more mature and down to earth than Jackson is. Jackson to me comes across overbearing and a victim mentality complex that is super annoying. For example, “It’s always my fault and I didn’t protect you enough.” ALL THE TIME! Even if it’s an uncontrollable circumstance. Jackson is always assuming the victim. I just don’t dig Grace and Jackson’s relationship. Hence Team Hudson, who encourages Grace to be herself without being overprotective. Even though it could change in the next few books.

There was a moment where Grace and Jackson were competing about whose fault it was. They were literally going “It is my fault this happened.” the other person “no it was actually my fault that this went wrong and I didn’t protect everyone enough.” *cough* Jackson *cough* and it went on a little bit. Thank goodness for Macey. Talk about a level head. Reminding everyone that everyone has a choice and they know the risk. Phew, thank goodness. Because if the whole book went on about how they are responsible and they were going to have a pissing contest who is going to take the blame. I would just gag.

I am really getting into this series; more than I thought I would have. I have avoided this as much as possible because I couldn’t handle another Twilight series all over again. This is not disappointing even though there is some eye rolling.

I gave this a 5 out of 5 Star review.

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