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I gave this a 5 out of 5 star review.

Genre: Fantasy

I found this book while scrolling through my library’s audiobook catalog. Trying to find something to help fill the void of silence as I work. Then I discovered Falling Kingdoms and decided to give it a go.

This has been the best fantasy series I have read in a while. So much so, I went and bought the entire series. That is how good the series is. I cannot express to you how much the first book of the series has been 

There are 4 main POV’s and randomly in the story there are different side POV’s as well. The side POV’s probably will get more involved as the series goes on.

The story involves Prince Magnus, Princess Cleo, Princess Lucia and Jonas. Very individual stories but one way or another their stories are uniquely intertwined. Each belongs to a different kingdom that is at odds with each other. You see in this story about one man’s decision can cause a chain of events that affects each of these people’s lives.

The main theme of this book is elementia magic that is fading away in the kingdoms. You see the race to gain the power to revive and wield it for good and evil.

The world building is *chefs kiss* and I cannot wait to get through series to find out how it goes

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