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Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Hot & Hammered #1

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I was a little apprehensive about going into another Tessa Bailey book. For I did not really like It Happened One Summer (Book Review) and thought that was a little much for me. 

I decided to try Fix Her Up out because I heard good things about this series and wanted to give this a shot. Well, I am glad I did. 

Because I loved Fixed Her Up by Tessa Baily. And a sprinkle of something I don’t like on there as well. But I will get to that in a moment.

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Format: Audio

Pages: 400

Genre: Romance

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Georgie is a lovable character who is consistently swept under the rug by her family. She really doesn’t have a voice or an opinion in the family business and just wants to pursue her dreams in her own business. She has also been crushing on her brother’s best friend Travis for forever. 

Travis got himself into a sports injury that forced him into early retirement. A lot of people think he is a great player out in the field and with women. But now that he doesn’t have his sports career, he feels hopeless and down on his luck. 

Until Georgie shows up one day dumping a day’s old carton of lo mein on him and tells him to get back out there. So he tried, but his two bat reputation still lingers and he needs to show that he is “settling down.”

So with the fake dating trope in mind, they hitched a scheme that her family will take her more seriously and they would consider Travis for a position for a commentator in sports.

Of course, as they get to know one another, the tension rises and the feelings that go with it. Travis is not who Georgie thought he to be and Georgie is not what Travis that she would be. Then eventually Travis starts sticking up for her to get more of a voice in her family. Super cute.

I love this book to pieces. I love the chemistry between Travis and Georgie. But the one thing….the one thing that irked me is Travis nickname for Georgie from the get go is ‘Baby Girl.’

Oh my goodness that was annoying. Before they even started or entertained the fake relationship, he whips out that name as if he already knows her. Baby girl is not a nickname I would feel cool about. Just more of a personal opinion if I should say so.

That said, I loved Fix Her Up, and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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