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Rating: 1 out of 5.

When reading this description of Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon, I was really pumped about reading this rom-com. Who heard of a rom com in a Natural History Museum setting and dinosaurs? Sign me up. But this turns out to be my least favorite contemporary rom com I have ever read.

First off, there was way too much dialogue. Not a lot of thought or emotions conveyed to the reader. Just lots of dialogue between characters in the book. It wasn’t enjoyable, a lot of conversation and not a lot of emotional build up or chemistry between the characters.

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In Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon, we have our main character Calliope who is a 22-year-old intern in the pathology department immature and unprofessional. When she uses the words “f*ck duck” to her superiors and the museum’s loyal patrons is a major turn off. She uses curse words like she just learned them in middle school. She has these personal rants to her colleges and people that are visiting the museum that are left field.

Even when she met Ralph for the first time. The love interest in this story. She had an argument with him because in his lectures of an asteroid hitting the planet, Calliope was upset that it killed her precious dinosaurs. She ripped him a new one for no good apparent reason. What, are we still in kindergarten?

I found it interesting that she went on a rant about objectifying women to a male college but it was okay to smack Ralph’s butt without his consent when they recently just met. I felt like the asteroid killing the dinosaurs would happen all over again if the gender roles were reversed.

The ending had my eyes bulging because it was the first time in a rom-com I was okay if the characters did not get together in the end. Calliope totally threw Ralph under the bus then in a very unprofessional way that even I would imagine would have a hard time recovering from. 

But then at the Museum’s Gala professed her love to Ralph so all her stupid actions are totally WIPED away.

Of course, she used “But when you’re a motherf*cking T-Rex…” in her speech in front of patrons and well know people in her industry, I am wondering how in the world did she even land this job in the first place as an adult? She started talking about having sex with Ralph on security footage and she should have been watching the kids, how T-Rex is her Spirit animal and talked about how she was high on shrooms while watching a museum sleepover full of kids. She also said, “I’m a f*cking T-Rex going after what I want like a sonofab*tch.”

I get it, you don’t always have to filter your language but there is a point that I feel it can get unprofessional and childish especially in a setting where you need to be a bit more professional than 22-year Calliope was. This character didn’t do it for me, and this rom com is by far my least favorite so far.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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