Grace and Fury #1

By: Tracy Banghart

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What if you were banished to an island because you can read? On that island, you have to fight for survival by competing with other women on the island?

If you are a fan of the book Hunger Games, then this book is for you. When reading this book, I felt like the vibe of this reminded me so much of that famous dystopian series. 

This is a sensational duology of woman suppression and two sisters, doing everything they can to reunite with each other and fight the oppression.

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Book cover. Half of two faces of women

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This story is set in a world where women have no rights. They are not allowed to read, get an education or really work. If found to be doing any of this, women could be severely punished, banished or sentenced to death. Unfortunately, in this world, anyone can turn you in. Even your own loved ones.

They are only allowed to work in a factory, a maid, a wife or as a Grace to the king. Being a Grace is considered the highest honor and provides the best comfort of a lifestyle. Many families wanted their daughters to be chosen for this honor. 

Three Graces is chosen for the king every three years. And this year, Serina is in the running to be a Grace. Nomi, her sister, as her handmaiden. They are given the opportunity to present themselves to the heir to get an opportunity to be a Grace for the future king.

Sirina was trained her whole life to be a Grace. Learning to dance, embroidery and be the perfect woman. Nomi has a rebellious streak. Always challenging the rules and what she is allowed to do. So, she learned to read from her brother. The one thing that could get a woman killed for.

So, while they are in the city, Nomi is waiting outside of the ballroom where Serina is presenting herself. She wanders off, finds the library and steals a book. Apparently thinking that no one would notice a book missing. As she was walking out, she accidentally ran into the heir and his brother.

So, when it came time to choose a Grace for the heir. The most shocking thing happened, the heir didn’t choose Serina, but chose Nomi instead. Apparently, she made an impression on the heir to be chosen instead of her sister. Nomi wasn’t prepared for a life of a Grace. She would have been content to be a handmaiden to her sister. But their roles were reversed in an instant.

But it didn’t end there. Even though Nomi was the one who stole the book and can read. Serina, due to poor timing, got caught with the book and was accused of knowing how to read. To protect her sister, she took the blame.

Serina’s punishment is to be banished to an island where women fight each other to survive. There she had to change everything that she has ever known and survive on the island.

While Serina was banished on the island, Nomi is doing everything she can to save her sister. Even going as far as betraying the heir.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book only because of Serina’s POV. I didn’t care for much of Nomi. Nomi was supposed to be the rebellious one but came across as the naive and impressionable sister. She was easily fooled and settled into her comfortable life with ease.

You see Serina having to adapt to survive and become a stronger person.Not letting society dictate who they want her to be. Emotional depth was shown of her blaming her sister learning to read. The fact that Nomi would be there if she took ownership of her actions. Serina had a choice, to live or die in the hands of the people who belittle her for being a woman. I love her POV so much that I felt that this story could just focus on her, and I would be a happy camper.

I can’t wait to read the second one in this series to see how this unfolds and to see if women get independence in this world.

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Book cover. Half of two faces of women. Gold text: Gracy and Fury
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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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