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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Hottie on Her Shelf by Christi Barth is a cute rom com where two characters Hallie, a local librarian and the current mayor Fitz are pitted against each other for the position to mayor of Swan Cove.

Hallie strongly believes that she can do better than the current mayor named Fitz Montgomery. She declared that one drunken night with her best friend. But seeing that Hallie is a talker and not a doer, her friend decided to put her name on the upcoming mayoral ballot.

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The mayoral position was always held by a Montgomery (AKA Fitz’s family legacy) for generations. No one else has ever gotten the position before. It has always been a Montgomery. Hallie had wanted to prove to herself, her family, the citizens and the snobs of Swan Cove that she is capable of the job.

As Fitz and Hallie start doing local campaigns, they start to get to know one another and realize that they are not what they appear to be. There are a lot of classic literary references from Hallie since she loves to read and is the librarian. 

You see Hallie makes a few mistakes in her campaign and works hard to better understand what it could be like being a mayor. Also, you see Fitz also start to figure out who he is as himself and what he wants, not what his family name forces him to be.

Because they are campaigning against each other, Fitz and Hallie had to hide their relationship once they fell for one another. Even though no one really outed them, it seems like the whole town had their suspicions anyways. Basic cute small-town romance.

Although that Hottie on Her Shelf is a good story and I find the romance super cute. I personally found that at 60% through, the romance aspect of it took a back seat and wasn’t the focus anymore. It felt like the pace of the story came to a screeching halt and slowed the story considerably. The focus shifted to the characters’ growth, their families and politics more so than the romance itself. Which to me, going into it as a rom com, was a drain on the story that caused me to lose connection to the characters.

Regardless, even though this isn’t a 100% for me, I felt like this was a cute rom com and I really enjoyed the book.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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