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This is a book that can speak directly to your soul. This book addresses the topic of loneliness when it comes to friendships. Talk about a book that comes in time that you need to hear for yourself. The part of you locked away so no one can see the pain of the loneliness you feel. Seeing those friends that are getting together that you weren’t invited to. Feeling like no one likes you for you. It is all in here in this book. Raw and real.

The only thing I have against this. And that is more of a personal problem and will not affect the rating of this book. It seems like the people you find and make friends, are women who have kids. Now this may be my general perception but I feel there is a friendship gap between women with or without kids. Not saying that you can’t make friends with women who have kids, but I tend to see a trend of that and it is discouraging. Even in the book you see the author start to make friends but it is in the stage of life where she has kids and they find a commonality over that. I don’t want to have kids because I want friendship but it is sad that is what I see and struggle with it. 

Even though that is my perception, I do feel that this book has so much information that can be applied to many different stages of life. Amy and Jess give you tips on how to let your guard down and be vulnerable, learn to stop being a people pleaser and love yourself, show how to be the one to find the women that are lonely, and learn to deal and forgive issues that arise out of conflict in friendship. With the canceled culture that we live in, it is something that I as a person could learn.

Also, the book touches on a topic that can be a hard one too. Learning to let go of the friendships that are no more. To stop grieving over the loss of a friendship that slowly fell away or was toxic. That it is not you, but part of the ever changing part of life.

There is so much packed in this book that I really cannot write a whole review on this book. This book is only 224 pages but it carries enough wisdom as a 800 page book.  I encourage anyone who has this deep heart of loneliness to pick up and just meditate on it. Reread the parts that stick out to you the most and apply it. Just don’t read it, apply it and see if any of it changes in your situation. But also be encouraged if the changes don’t happen right away.

They also wrote a workbook to go along this read. You can get it here.

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