During my time on Goodreads, I have started to learn a few things while being a book reviewer. I am constantly adapting and learning what I am as a reader in the book community.

I wanted to point out that some of things were my experiences that were stealing the joy of reading. So, I adjusted and made decisions to make this hobby fun instead of a chore.

Somethings may not be for everyone, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. I really do feel that there are some unnecessary pressures on that platform, and it is okay to do things a little differently.

So, this is basically Part 2 of Important Things to Remember being on Goodreads as a Reviewer. Apparently, I have much to say on the subject. If you want to check Part 1: CLICK HERE.

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You don’t have to pretend to love a hyped book

Ah, the books that everyone is raving about and claiming that it is the best since sliced bread. It may be for them, but what about you? You hate the darn thing. Didn’t like the story and don’t care to ever read it again.

And it is okay to be honest with that fact. It is okay to be that tiny percent that didn’t like that hyped book. I know I got a few I didn’t like and pretended to like it. But I didn’t feel authentic to myself.

I know you can feel that pressure of what other people would think that you don’t like a particular book. Been there and bought that t-shirt. Believe me I say this, I heard of stories of people getting really upset with people not liking their favorite book of all times.

But there are also people out there that truly value what you have to say and can respect a difference of opinion. I know I sure do!

So, to be true to myself and people who follow my reviews. I embrace that I don’t like it, write a polite but honest review, and move on to my next potential great read.

Don’t put high reading goals that are hard to meet

When I first started my reading journey on Goodreads, I set an ambitious reading goal. Like I only read 19 books in a year to now a goal of a 100. YIKES! Wow was I cramming books. Cramming the books I didn’t like to just attempt to meet my goal. I then also stressed to finish books in time. Just stealing from the fun of reading. Well, then I kept adjusting it to lower it. Who wants to show on your Goodreads that you didn’t complete a reading challenge, am I right? I have one of those already on my record.

So, after that debacle, I adjusted my goals according to the rate I am reading books. A lot of times I increase the goal a little as I read. But I don’t put pressure on myself to read a certain amount a year. I just let it happen. And that’s okay.

Okay not to review a book right away after reading

Recently on Goodreads, I noticed that reviewers I follow would put ‘Review To Come.’ Review to come. What in the heck did that mean? What do you mean that someone didn’t review a book right away? Then one day I read that they like to take their time to think about what they read before they write a review. SAY WHAT?!?!

So I started to embrace this idea in the last few months. I am kind of enjoying it. It gives me time to really reflect on what I read in the book and put my thoughts into words better. It has helped me to be a better reviewer overall.

Personal Side Note:

Now this is a personal pet peeve of mine as well that has recently developed and it truly my opinion. When reviewers write, Review to Come and it has been two years later, and they still haven’t written the review. I am slightly tempted to comment on the review, when is the review coming? I know, I know, I need to mind my own business and keep to my own lane. But I really love reviews and hate to see that the person hasn’t yet written their thoughts on why they rated a book 3 stars. Okay, that’s all I have to say.

It is okay to unfriend people

Recently I have been building my friends list on Goodreads. I love to see recommendations from other reviewers that have similar taste that I do. 

This section is still a little iffy with me because I really think your motivation has to not be in spite. I hate doing anything that seems malicious, but I have to put this one out there though. Food for thought moment.

Recently a reviewer accepted my friend request, and they love manga. I am truly cool with that; it doesn’t bother me one bit. That is why I sent the friend request. But then I noticed that my update news feed was solely dedicated to that one friend. Why? Because that reviewer reviewed 8-10 Mangas a day. EVERY DAY. I couldn’t get updates on anyone else. I personally don’t read Manga but that was the only updates I was getting. So, I made the personal decision to unfriend that person.

I know I could select that I only wanted to see my Top Friends list, but I just didn’t want to see a handful of people.

I feel slightly bad, but I wanted updates that are in line with my interests. And it may or may not be a good reason to unfriend a person on Goodreads. But unfriending someone on Goodreads is a personal choice. You shouldn’t have to feel pressure to keep them or not.

Maybe one day Goodreads would have a unfollow button but still be able to be friends with them. Maybe.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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