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Love Her or Lose Her

Hot And Hammered #2

By: Tessa Bailey

My Rating:


Ok, ok. I just realized I have a spice limit. And Tessa Bailey is continuously hitting that limit for me. I know, a little vanilla. But I have accepted that of myself.

Not saying that her book wasn’t good. I love Tessa Bailey’s writing. The story and the characters always come together so well. Just the spice is a little too much for my personal preference.

Other than that, this is a great redemptive story of a married couple where their relationship is in trouble. The sparks are gone, and the communication is broken down to mere basic sentences with each other.

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Ever since Dominic came back from touring on duty and seemed to shut Rosie out of his life. They merely existed by living together. Until one day, Rosie had enough and left her husband.

Dominic couldn’t fathom why she would leave him. He used a lot of terms of “she is my wife.” So, with that, I had this expectation that since Rosie is married to him, then she needs to be home and stay home. 

I would leave you too buddy if you expected that much from me.

Rosie started to create a new life and started pursuing her dreams of owning a restaurant with the support of her close friends. When Dominic saw that she was making a new life without him, he panicked.

So, in a last-ditch effort to save the marriage, they went to an unconventional marriage counselor where they had to do things that seemed crazy on the surface. But in actuality, was working to break down the miscommunication. 

Through counseling, they both started to change to be better spouses to one another that eventually helped them fall more in love than before.

I loved this. I love a good redemptive story between spouses that have fallen out of love and once again come back together stronger. I just could do it without all the spice that was sprinkled throughout the book.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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