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Lovelight Farms

Lovelight #1

By: B.K. Borison

My Rating:


Everyone! This is the cutest holiday read I have read by far. It has the right spice and the most endearing romance. I highly recommend this romance for your holiday reads.

This has two of my favorite tropes, faking dating and friends to lovers.

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Stella has had a dream of owning her own business since her mother died. When the opportunity came to own a farm. She jumped on the opportunity.

Years later. The business is in financial trouble. On top of that, crazy things keep happening at the farm. Missing shipments, broken fences and a raid of raccoons in the barn.

When the opportunity came to enter a contest to get more spotlight on her farm, she signed up feeling that winning the contest will solve all her financial troubles.

The trouble is, she said she had a boyfriend who owned the farm with her. She had no boyfriend. So Stella decided to find a fake boyfriend to solve that problem.

That person is none other than Luka, her long time best friend for almost a decade. Even though the scheme was crazy, Luka shocked Stella by agreeing.

Even though they agreed to go into a fake relationship, Stella can’t help but fear that she would lose the friendship that they have. The anchor that helped her after losing her mother.

But as they “practiced” being in a relationship, they realize that both had feelings for each other that both are afraid to admit to.

This book was so wholesome and I couldn’t put the book down at all. I love seeing Stella walk through her journey of understanding that she is not going to lose everyone she cares deeply about.

I can’t wait to continue the other books in the series, to know more of the other characters that readers get introduced to.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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