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Meet Me in the Margins

By: Melissa Ferguson

My Rating:


If you want a clean and wholesome romance and no spice, Meet Me in the Margins is it. It is at its core just focusing on the romance between two individuals.

What this story lacks in spice, makes up for story as you follow Savannah aspire to make her dreams come true.

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Savannah who is an editor for a rigid publishing company. She longs and dreams to one day publish a book. Romance in fact. A genre that the current publishing company doesn’t approve of.

In fact, this publishing company is slowly going under with the suspicions due to mismanagement and only publishing non-fiction genres. 

In comes Will, who not only is the new publisher but also the son of the CEO of the company she works for. He is here to set things straight and try to save the company.

During the classical business meeting, she drops her manuscripts for all to see, including Will. A sure way to get fire for sure.

So hides her manuscript in a tucked away corner in the office building to protect her manuscript. When she came back, there were markings on her manuscript as if an editor was suggesting she make edits. The audacity.

But when her idol, Claire Donovan, an editor-in-chief, rejected her manuscript. Savannah had no choice but to listen to this mysterious editor and make the hard choice to edit.

During that time, she gets to know this mysterious man through back and forth while editing her manuscript. She also gets to know her boss Will, who is just as interesting as the mysterious editor.

Even though it was an easy and cute read, I do wish that there was more romantic interaction between Will and Savannah. There wasn’t a strong connection between him and her that slightly lacked chemistry.

A lot of this book details Savannah navigating the hard parts in her life. When she hit a little rock bottom and how she slowly climbed out of it. How she achieved her dream through hard work.

This is a simple read and would recommend to people who don’t want any spice to their reading. Meet You in the Margins is a great book to recommend.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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