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Monthly Reading Wrap-Up: August 2022

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A lot has happened in the great month of August. For one: it is the month I have married my amazing husband! To celebrate we decided to vacation in Chattanooga, TN to see the sights and the well-known McKay’s Used Book Store.

To be honest, I didn’t do as much reading on that trip because we did a lot of sight-seeing and just relaxing.

For the month of August, I have completed 13 books with 4572 pages read.

I have thought about revisiting my Goodreads yearly reading goal. I set my goal to 115 for the year and I am already at 102. With four months left to the year, I thought about increasing it to 125-150 since I am pacing at 15 books at month.

By next month I will let you readers know if I have increased it!

Q: Which book surprised me the most?

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey. Oddly enough, I didn’t like It Happened One Summer and wasn’t planning on reading any other of her books. But I hear so much about the Hot & Hammered series that I gave it a try. So glad that I did. Loved it!

Q: Which book let me down the most?

It is actually a book that I could not finished, and it is not on this list. Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. I know this is a very popular book in the romance smut readers community. But with this book, I hit a level that I couldn’t move on reading it. So, I DNF and was glad I tried.

Q: Which book would you recommend?

Well, that is a hard one to decide. I have read so many great books this month. That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming. Just the title of the book deserves to stop and want to know more about. I really enjoyed this book and I find that if you want to dabble a bit into romance but love to read fantasy. This is a good option to start with.

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