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Say You Still Love Me

By: K.A Tucker

My Rating:


When I read The Simple Wild by this author, I had to pick up her standalone book. Unfortunately, this is not the book for me.

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This book really focuses on a dual timeline between then and now. The ‘Then’ focuses on two young adults who have totally different social lives and meet at a summer camp as counselors. Kyle has criminal family members and lives in poverty and Piper has a very wealthy and “put together” family. 

They quickly fall in INSTA love when they first meet and quickly develop the relationship through reckless behavior. Because of that reckless behavior, there was a big accident which caused them to separate and never see each other again for over 10 years.

Fast forward to the ‘Now’ timeline and Piper is about to take over her fathers company. Low and behold, she meets Kyle again as her father’s company security guard. He pretended he didn’t remember her and so forth.

I love the idea of this book and I really loved our main character Piper. I just didn’t like Kyle so much. He was going back and forth a lot and as the plot continues, his motives are still confusing.

In the ‘Now’ timeline, it took over 60% of the book for Kyle and Piper to truly start interacting with each other. Nothing romantically, just talking. By then, I wasn’t interested in the plot anymore. It felt like it was being dragged out in the summer camp portion and wondering what the big accident was and nothing really happening in the ‘now’ that the story got so lost on me.

Then the ending just felt rushed. Like everything was explained of Kyle’s motives of moving, taking a job with the company and the happy ending in just a few pages at the end. 

Anyways, all in all, I do like K.A Tucker regardless and will be reading her other books in the future. This just wasn’t a winner for me.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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