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So, This is Christmas

By: Tracy Andreen

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So, This is Christmas is a cute Contemporary YA romance read that has the teen drama and romance all in one book. This has humor, real life issues and teens working through their teen drama.

What if a cute boy from your prestigious school shows up for an epic small-town Christmas. That you made up on the town’s website.

So, to avoid getting in trouble she now how to provide.

How will she pull it off?

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Finley is having a hard time in the prestigious boarding school. As a native Oklahoma girl, she never really fit into the group of students there. When she went home for Christmas, she decided that she no longer wanted to go back.

Coming back home isn’t easy. She has come home to some small-town drama of her best friend dating her ex and some resentful people from her local school.

When helping at her grandmother’s inn, an unexpected visitor showed up. A classmate by the name of Authur from the UK shows up. He has come with his aunt with the intention of having a small-town Christmas. A Christmas that was promised on the local website. The one that Finley made up for the tourist.

To avoid getting in trouble, she agrees to give the Christmas that Authur was promised. In an attempt to give him the small Christmas, Finley finds some surprising ways to do so. Chestnuts roasting over an open fire, feeding reindeer, and sled rides. The works of a small-town Christmas event.

Even though Authur and Finley got off on a bad start, they realize they have more in common than they realize. Trouble with family, unmet expectations. Things that are happening in their lives that bring them together and in love.

Now in its own way, Finley’s attempts to make it a Christmas for Author were funny. I enjoyed the characters and the teenage drama that came with it.

I did find this though, quite a bit of slower pace that brought this story line to a screeching halt. It eventually picks up but it was a little hard to get back into the story once I lost interest in the book. Even though it was good, I kind of realized YA contemporary is not really my thing.

It was still good regardless even though it wasn’t something I wasn’t really interested in.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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