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Genre: Contemporary Romance

You got to love classic enemies to lovers and fake dating tropes in this contemporary romance. The Spanish Love Deception is Elena Armas debut novel that flies off the shelves by many readers where there was a mix of hate and love for this book.

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Our main characters are Catalina (Lina) and Aaron who from the moment they met, were enemies. Through misunderstandings that are later revealed, they just didn’t like each other. They despised each other and Lina didn’t care to be anywhere near Aaron.

When the time came that Lina needed to go to her sister’s wedding in Spain, boyfriend-less, she dreaded the possibility that people would pity her for still being single. To her surprise, Aaron volunteered to be a fake boyfriend to spare her the humiliation by her family. Even though she adamantly and stubbornly refused at first, which almost drove me up the wall in my personal opinion. Through slightly dramatic and crazy events, she eventually agreed to Aaron Blackford being her fake boyfriend to her family. From there they start to get to know one another and eventually start to fall in love in Spain. Through Lina’s fear and trauma of the past, had to learn to trust and love again.

I decided to consume this read by way of an Audiobook and I certainly enjoyed the narrator. It brought me into the story and had me laughing at the humor between Lina and Aaron. The chemistry and the sizzle was there, and I enjoyed it immensely. 

It was hard to get through the discrimination that Lina experienced in the beginning of the story. According to many reviews on Goodreads, a lot of readers did too. None of the “friends” or coworkers that she had at the workplace defended her. That can be a slight challenge to get through and wish there was a different resolution to that.

Another thing I wish was different was their time in Spain. It was way too quick. It was about a love deception in Spain, so I wished there was more of that side of that story. I wanted to see more of their time in Spain deceiving Lina’s loved ones and trying to convince them that they are indeed a couple. Instead it was a good 60% of the book I would say was dedicated outside of Spain which in my opinion, left me wanting more.

All in all, it was still good even though some of my expectations weren’t met, I would recommend The Spanish Love Deception to someone who is looking for a good and heartwarming romance.

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