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I gave this a 5 out of 5 star review.

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade

What a story of four unlikely Prince Charmings getting together to save the Bards of their kingdoms from an evil witch. Each prince has a part in each fairytale that was vastly told differently than what actually happened. 

Prince Duncan: the prince in Snow White’s fairy tale.

Prince Gustav: the prince in Rapunzel’s fairytale. 

Prince Frederic: the prince in Cinderella’s fairytale

Prince Liam: the prince in Briar Rose or SleepingBeauty fairytale.

Each of the princes was vastly different from one another but all have one thing in common. The Bards told the story wrong As you go through the book, you find out each Prince’s side of the story. How they met the Princess’s and saw how the Bard’s told the story wrong. Then you eventually find out how they ended up meeting the other Princes in the process.

The Bards of each of these Prince’s kingdoms mysteriously start disappearing and they set out together to save them. Each Prince had a hilarious part to play in this story as they survive bandits, trolls, giants, and the evil witch to save the bards and to save a princess who doesn’t need saving.

Illustrated drawing of the four princes in the book The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Illustration found in the book of the four princes

I am looking forward to continuing to read the series because it is not your typical fairytale. Even though this is a middle grade reading level I do feel that anyone looking for an easy read will enjoy this. The humor is there, and the bond of friendship makes you adore this story.

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