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The Naughty or Nice Clause

By: Kate Callaghan

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This is a fun and interesting twist to the fake dating trope that is set in the holidays. 

What if your partner in the family business asks you to be his finance and he turns out to be the next Mr. Klaus from the North Pole.

Even though this was a cute idea, I have a lot to say about this holiday rom com.

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Lyla partly owns her family’s toy company with the scrooge Mason Klaus. The company is slowly going under, and Mason just seems like he is making it worse. Such as canceling the company Christmas party that they have every year.

But Lyla was determined to have it anyway and had it at the company. But that didn’t go well unfortunately, there was a massive fire in the kitchen, and it will take a ton of money to fix up. Money that Lyla’s company doesn’t have.

Mason offers to help pay if by one condition, if she goes home with him on the holidays. By home, he means the North Pole or Yule. Also pretending to be his fiancé. But Mason was hiding a secret and running from a past no one knew about. Mason is none other than Santa’s son who is next in line for the Christmassy throne.

There they worked towards convincing the town that they are a real couple and during that Lyla gets to know the town and family as well.

This is a book I wanted to love, this story feels original, and it was a really cute idea for a story. I mean, fake relationship with Mr. Klaus? But unfortunately, it fell a bit flat for me. The premise of the book sounded really good, and it just felt like something was missing from it all.

I didn’t see the romance between Mason and Lyla. I didn’t see the chemistry between the two. Mason felt so disconnected throughout the whole story that personally didn’t feel convinced they were meant to be together.

I think this book would have benefited Mason’s point of view as well where you see more of his life in Yule and why he is running from it.

Even though this book was on the shorter side, it felt drawn out in the middle. Nothing was really happening. Especially between Mason and Lyla.

The ending I felt was strange and rushed. Not sure what was happening at the end.

Like I said, very cute read. Just wish it was executed differently.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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