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I gave this a 3 out of 5 Star review.

Well readers, I am slightly disappointed in this book. The cover is beautiful, the synopsis sounded really good but when I read it. Well, it was BLEH.

The story starts out with Luca and Armarande practicing the swordsmanship skills in the open field. At that point she seems like she is actually touching into her true feelings for Luca by just staring at him. And he feels the same? But then it is reported that her father died and she must start her transition to the throne.

But old law dictates that she must marry or she cannot inherit the throne. So neighboring kingdoms start competing for the best contract for her marriage. So Armarande does what she can to fight back with the council to not be married off to the highest bidder.

In an effort to bully and blackmail her into the marriage that would serve for Prince Renard, he hires a band of pirates to kidnap Luca. Left a note for Armarande to marry Prince Renard or never see her one true love. Cue the eye roll. Apparently they figured out that Luca is her one true love because it’s apparently obvious with how much time they spend together.

So what did she do? She immediately got on a horse to go after him. No thought to the consequences, not thought to how she will do it. Just got up and left without telling anyone. So she trapezes through what they call the Torrent. Desert type land that is extremely hard to live in and another kingdom that has fallen apart.

Princess Armarande had to survive slave traders and bandits to get to Luca. Even though he is a skilled fighter himself, made no attempt to save himself. I get that he needed saving but geesh he is too buttery inside. Didn’t try to escape. Kept saving, “My Princess Will Save Me.”

Events happen in the story that make no sense. Example, when she needed a horse. Suddenly a horse showed up when she needed one.

I felt like also at the end was kinda stupid. Lets just say, it goes against what the title of the book says. Anway….

The story wasn’t terrible. But the characters and the events that happened in the book was…flat. I felt that the romance was non-existent and the bad guys of the story were annoying and not really evil.

I will be continuing with the story just because the plot is almost good enough to keep going.

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