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Never having read this author’s work or picked up a book that was based on adventure, I really wanted to like this book. But unfortunately this did not.

The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich, reminds me a lot of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and they made a baby. Which are my favorite movies of all time!! With this starting out reminding me of these movies, I was super excited on this read.

This book started with Gabriela in the jungle, hired as a recovery agent to find a lost amulet. Agh…see reminds me a little of Indian Jones. Except in this book, she never really successfully retrieved the item. With that failed miserable attempt, Gabriela goes back home to South Carolina that was devastated by a hurricane. Only way to really save the town is to find the Ring of Solomon that Annie (a ghost) told her grandmother to find.

To get to the diaries of the lost treasure, she would need to go to her ex husband Rafer’s house that she lost in the divorce. Without even blinking, this guy joins her to recover the Ring of Solomon.

While searching for the ring in an ancient cave, they face an evil cultist guy named El Dragon, who believes that he needs to have the Ring of Solomon to please his god Supay. Which to come think of it, not really sure why that was important to his god. Just that he HAD to have it for his god to please him.

So from there, the action begins of Gabriela and Rafer retrieving the ring and then El Dragon stealing it from them. You get to see them fight with drug cartels, exploring islands and visit different locations to find clues. Lots of fights, explosions and adventure.

What I liked about this book is that Gabriela makes a living being a recovery agent and she is her own boss. She sets out for this ring to help save her town from falling apart. You did get to read how she got into the business after her divorce and that she is a different person than she was then.

I felt that this story wasn’t bad but it was lacking important details to make this a great book.

For example:

  1. There were a lot of descriptions of Gabriela’s gun, car, apartment, lots of clothes and even several times describing her panties. But no real description of what she or Rafer looked liked. Felt there were too many details in describing objects and not enough in appearance, emotions or back story.
  2. There is no explanation of how Rafer got the skills that qualified him in tagging along with Gabriela to find the Ring of Solomon. I guess, I would have liked a little more back story as to why he was good at weapons and was willing to put himself in danger. As far as I knew, he was the ex-husband who owned a dive shop in the bahamas.
  3. Action scenes were a lot of blur. It was over in a paragraph most of the time. Felt very cut short and if you weren’t careful, you could blink and miss the whole scene. Several times I had to reread it just to understand that an action scene happened.
  4. The ending was too short lived and confusing. I felt like all that they went through. That is how it ended? I felt like I had to read it a few times to see that it actually ended that way.

All and all, with having read any of this author’s books, this has potential to be a good read. In my opinion, it just needs more substance to bring it together for me.

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