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So this is my first ever book where I read a contemporary romance that was just in a man’s POV. It was very enjoyable to read. I really love seeing how his mind works; you read how he filters and works through situations he gets in. Like his dinner jacket in the beginning of the story. Seems strange on the outside but so innocent and sweet inside. When he starts interacting with Rosie, it was awesome how he navigates those waters of his feelings and logic.

Don Tillman is a geneticist at Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia. He is a man with a system and he does not deviate from it. He is not a bad looking guy, he takes care of himself through good exercise and eating habits. Like I said, a system that he follows. Like eating lobster and drinking a certain amount of wine every Tuesday. That kind of system.

He has always been out of the ordinary to many women and he knows it. He accepted his fate a long time ago. After going through his routine day by day, he decided that it is acceptable now to find a perfect wife through what he has created and called ‘The Wife Project.’ Basically a questionnaire of all the questions he would find acceptable for a wife. A 16 paged double sided questionnaire to be exact.

Example of Questions on the Wife Project:

Do you prefer to be on time

Do you drink (he was anticipating self improvement during this project)

Are you smoker (absolutely doesn’t want a smoker)

What is your height, weight and body index

Do you eat kidney beans (testing for food problems)

Shallow questions but to Don, it was a logical way to weed out the unqualified women who would be incompatible to him. So to get in front of women he tried speed dating, group dinners, sending out the questionnaire out in Australia to see who would fill it out. One way another, the women he would meet would be incompatible or the date didn’t go well.

My favorite moment in the book is when there was a dinner hosted by the University and he invited a woman that on paper was the most compatible to be his wife. Don is a guy who likes to research and be prepared. So he researched how to dance and practice with the skeleton that he had in his office. Because this woman loved to dance and he wanted to make sure he could.

So here comes Rosie. Late to appointments, a smoker, drinker, wears big jewelry and all out don’t like to follow routines. Everything that Don would consider the most incompatible to be his wife. During their first and last date that Don would consider, Rosie brought up that she didn’t know her birth father. Her mother died before she could even find out who her real father was. She wanted to know who he was.

Fascinated with the project, Don created the Father Project. With Rosie he started finding all the men that Rosie’s mom has possibly been with at her mom’s graduation in the past. Getting everyone’s DNA probably wasn’t the most ethical. But for some reason, the rule follower Don was breaking the rules to get these samples for Rosie. He attained them by stealing napkins, wiping forks after dinner, and going to nursing homes of the deceased relative.

All that for Rosie. You see him change in natural ways that are out of his comfort zone but was willing to do it for Rosie. To be with and spend time with her.

But he takes him throughout the book to really piece that together though. Is he really in love and is he capable of it? Would Rosie love him back and accept him for his quirks? Then he created the Rosie Project to see if she does.

This has been by far an excellent book and would recommend to anyone who wants a feel-good romance with the main character being slightly different than male characters out there.

I gave this a 5 out of 5 Star review.

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