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The School of Good and Evil

The School of Good and Evil #1

By: Soman Chainani

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I will be the first one to admit. I never heard of this book until I saw it was going to be a tv show on Netflix. So being the faithful reader that I am, I picked the books up first before laying eyes on the show.

How else will I get to say when I watch this that it didn’t happen in the book?

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani was amazing. I wasn’t expecting this to be so good. This book does remind me quite a bit of the first book of Harry Potter but has a lot of dark twists and turns.

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What if on the outside you looked evil but, on the inside, you are really good? And vice versa? That is what happened to our main characters Sophie and Agatha.

This story started in a village where every year the prettiest and goodest child and the ugliest and the evilest child gets kidnapped. No one knows why or how they are truly selected. But Sophie believes that since she is the prettiest and the most good child in the village, she will be selected. Along with the kid that she has befriended as her good deed, Agatha. Who just wants to live alone and be happy where she is at.

Well, at the night of the choosing. Sophie is selected and she is more than happy to be kidnapped. Well Agatha, tries to save her but ends up getting kidnapped as well. 

This is the twist that got me hooked on this story. Sophie really believed that she was going to the school of Good. But got dropped at the School of Evil while Agatha got dropped at the school of Good.

WOW! Even though it is in the synopsis, Soman Chainani wrote it in a way that literally shocked you. The way he built the characters made you believe which school they belonged to. 

So you see the adventure of them both trying to get to the schools that they feel like that they belong to. During that, they had to endure the school classes that are the opposite of what they enjoy.

The story also develops where they do everything, they can escape even though their fairytale is being written by magic.

Even though there was a slight plot hole here and there and the story did seem a little dark that wasn’t addressed. This was still good. So creative and it took me to a magical place.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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