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My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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The Stars Between Us by Christin Terrill is an upcoming YA sci fi that I looked forward to reading but fell short in the end for me. It was slightly difficult to get through unfortunately. Not because it was a terrible book but some points of the book that were a struggle for me.

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What I liked:

Well, I do like the premise of the plot. An arranged marriage to a person you never met that will give you a better life? Then suddenly it is stripped away due to murder? What do you do? A rags to riches type story. I found it promising.  

You get to read the bad guys POV in this story which gives this story an air of mystery. Something that I don’t read too often and I found it driving me to wonder who was the murderer.

What I didn’t like:

First off, the characters.

For me the life and the attitudes of the characters didn’t make sense. You have Vika who in this book is extremely unlikable. She was raised in a world where her family were doing well off and then misfortune happened which caused them to live in poverty. You would think she is humbled in those circumstances and would cling to her family for support. Nope. She despises her family (except her dad), acts entitled once she suddenly gets access to money and mistreats people.

Here is Sky Foster, love interest, who was raised with money and was more humble and kind than Vika will ever be. Even though Vika was extremely rude and mean to him, she was beautiful and fell head over heels in love with her. Essence of insta love that didn’t appeal to me.

Feeling like an imbalance of characters is what threw me off. Vika came across as an entitled person and Sky came across as a very flat character. I understand that having unlikable characters can be great but for this story, it just didn’t flow right.

Second, the plot.

The plot of the story moved so slowly. Nothing was happening 45% of the book and it made the book unappealing to read. Just read on how Vika spends money and how she is suddenly acclimated in the rich society. By the time it got to the 60% mark and action started happening, I was already struggling and lost interest.

The ending of The Stars Between Us was okay. The speech that Sky gives on why he gave up his fortune and how Vika found out about how Sky still loves her. Why would you tell a judge all that? Super cringey.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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