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I gave this a 5 out of 5 Star review.

Genre: Regency Romance

So obviously I picked this up in anticipation of the adaptation of the book to Netflix. When the Duke and I first showed up on Netflix I totally binged watched it not knowing that this was a book. This is a crime in itself in the reading community because we all know, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. The worst thing that also happened was, I liked the show more than I did the book. Shocking….I know. So to avoid making that mistake again, I made sure to read the book first this time. I was not disappointed.

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We have the infamous rake of the Brigerton brothers, and the oldest, the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. He has finally set his mind to marry, to have an heir and to finally get his mother off his back about finding a wife. So, he decided he wanted a woman who wasn’t terrible to look at, but he won’t fall in love with.

So he set his mind to the diamond of the season and that is Edwina Sheffield. The only catch is that if any suitor wanted to court Edwina, they would need to get the approval of Kate Sheffield. The older sister who is extremely protective over Edwina. 

Kate Sheffield is a spirited woman who came out late in the season due to the financial situation of the family. With no dowry or means of earning money, Edwina and Kate both came into the season to marry at the same time. Kate is constantly described as less than beautiful that her younger sister Edwina and Kate has no potential suitors.

Edwina on the other hand, has many flocks to her side hoping to earn her favor for marriage. One of those suitors is Viscount Antony himself. Kate, through Lady Whistledown society papers has consistently described him as a rake, does not approve and makes a great effort to prevent Anthony from courting her sister. With Anthony knowing what he wants, he continues to pursue Edwina despite Kate’s thoughts of him. Many discussions were had and insults flung at one another.

Through those interactions, Anthony and Kate start to get to know one another. Realizing that each of them are not what they appear to be and have a deeper personality that neither one of them anticipated. Anthony has a strong determination of marrying Edwina throughout the story, but you see he starts to feel conflicted on his growing attraction for Kate or marrying Edwina that is guaranteed that he won’t fall in love with.

I can go more in depth of what happens without giving spoilers but to be honest, it was great just diving into the story and wondering how things are going to turn out. Which is why I feel that this was such a great read. What I also like so much about this is that it was not slow. I have come across several regency romance reads and FELT IT DRAG. It was boring and felt shallow. To me, this wasn’t that. So glad it turned out really good and cannot wait to read on to the next book.

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