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Tokyo Dreaming

Tokyo Ever After #2

By: Emiko Jean

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This is one of those books that I want more of but unfortunately it has sadly ended. It was created as a duology and the author ended on a very happy note wrapping it all up.

Tokyo Dreaming is the second book of the Tokyo Ever After Duology. Though intended to be a standalone, the second book was written because of the popularity of the first book. Thank you, Reese Witherspoon’s book club, for that.

This has so much of the Princess Diaries, which I love so much. So, excited for the second book, I dived right in.

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This continues the story of Izumi Tanaka as she navigates the next part of her life. Go to college in Japan and continue down the path of being a princess or take a gap and disappoint the whole Japan.

Extremely indecisive on what her decision should be in that, she continues on with some princess duties and her amazing relationship with Akio.

But the story really starts to develop when Izumi’s mother is now engaged to her father, the prince of Japan. Now they must get the marriage approved by the high council to move it forward. Unfortunately, the council hasn’t been exactly impressed with Izumi and her mom.

To create a better light for her mom, Izumi started conforming to what Japan would want. Even as far as fake dating an eligible guy that the council would approve. Agh…plot twist. 

As she starts conforming, she starts to lose herself in the process. Who she really was before she came to be a princess overnight.

I love the journey Izumi takes in this story, really truly knowing who and what she is. Not allowing the traditions tell her who she needs to be but being herself. That you can have what you want in life and find a way to honor some traditions.

I didn’t get enough of Izumi and Akio in this book. Their love story was what sold it for me in the first one and was sadly disappointed that there wasn’t enough of it in this one.

So, this was charming, cute and endearing.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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