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WELL THANK GOODNESS!! For once there is a story of a man who doesn’t have rock hard abs and charisma that skyrockets the crap out of you. Finally a man that is genuinely a decent guy that cares about the main character and actually deals life with actual life problems.

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon is a book that I have seen countless of times floating through Bookstagram and of course I had to pick this up. But even though this was enjoyable, this can be a hard book to get through.

Weather Girl really centers around mental health issues, therapy and depression. I do appreciate Rachel Lynn Solomon tackling the hard issues that a lot of people have a hard time talking about. But I do feel that this topic can be triggering to some and totally unreadable to others. So, approach this book knowing that this is a hard subject.

This story is unique in the aspect of the main character, Ari, being a weather meteorologist on TV, who has her dream job. Except the dream job has its baggage along with it. Her boss, Torrence, who is someone she idolized as a kid, hasn’t been the boss she is cut out to be. Torrence happens to be a part of the nightmare of the workplace with her ex-husband Seth who happens to manage the station as well. They bicker to the point of unprofessionalism that no one has the courage to stand up to.

During the holiday office party, the bickering between her boss and the station manager got so bad that they got kicked out of the hotel the party was hosted at. So tired and frustrated with the environment, she ends at the hotel bar where she meets her co worker Russell, a sports reporter at the same station, who also happens to be frustrated at the tension that was created as well.

After way too many drinks, they were inspired by the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap movie. They decided to “Parent Trap” their bosses into getting back together. Because deep down they believed that Torrence and Seth still love each other.

So Ari and Russell go about staging dates where Torrence and Seth first met, the hobbies they enjoyed together. So on so forth. As Russell and Ari worked on getting them together, they started to get to know one another as well. Then we started developing feelings for each other. They learned to open up and be honest with one another. Learning to be vulnerable in the process. 

All and all the book was unique and I enjoyed it . The only complaint is the “problem” that threatens the main characters from staying together is that you see in contemporary romance books as kinda cringey. Without spoiling the book, I felt like the moment of conflict was thrown in there and it suddenly happened. Ari was able to get through some of Russell’s hesitations and insecurities. But when it came to hers, it was total left field and she was not having it. So to me, without seeing it coming, it was cringey.

Also as a side note, I do wish they dealt with the unprofessionalism that Torrence and Seth has put everyone through. I felt like it was swept under the rug a little bit.  

All in all, Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon was a cute book.

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