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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well Met by Jen DeLuca is now my favorite enemies to lovers rom com this year. This book made me want to visit a renaissance faire because it captures the fun of the faire and a cute romance at the same time.

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Emily after getting dumped by her long term boyfriend, ended up in Willow Creek, Maryland. She ended up there to help her sister and her niece get back on her feet after a car accident. Helping her sister around the house and helping her niece with getting around town.

One of those things is to be a chauffeur for her niece for the upcoming Renaissance faire that will occur over the summer. When they arrived, she was informed that she needed to participate in faire in order for her niece to be in it as well. So she signed up to be a wench in the tavern.

Upon giving her application she meets the leader of the faire named Simon who seemed to have a problem with her. Emily instantly did not like him and felt her was a little too uptight.

Simon is a guy who doesn’t like change and seems to be serious all the time. But when he transforms into his faire character, a saucy pirate, he seems to lighten Emily in a way that men in kilts can’t even do.

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In Well Met, I like how it wasn’t an immediate I am attracted to you situation and it slowly unfolded to feelings between the two characters. There is a lot of misjudging of character in this book and you get to see how it unfolds as they get to know one another. The relationship felt genuine and really sweet.

This story goes a lot deeper than it lets on. It touches on subjects of life but doesn’t go too deep into it. I like how the relationship develops in this book between Emily and Simon. Also, Emily figures out what she really wants and finds a town that has so much friendship to offer.

With every book that is not perfect, I kind of roll my eyes at the moment where there is conflict that threatens the relationship. When people don’t give another person to speak up about what they truly feel, it can feel like a bad Hallmark movie.

Even though I didn’t enjoy the conflict, I enjoyed the outcome. I felt like the issue was addressed and resolved in a healthy way. The ending of Well Met was super cute and I felt it was a wholesome ending that melted my heart.

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