This is the question I consistently see all over social media with readers asking, is it worth buying a Kindle, Nook or any EReader on the market?

Simple answer: YES!

I want to go over the benefits of owning an EReader for the people who are unsure of purchasing one.

Because, once upon a time I was that person and took a leapt to get one.

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Before I got it, I had the same question as anyone else, is it worth it? As a traditional reader, I loved holding a physical book in my hand, smelling the pages like a weirdo and lugging a book around in my purse. Ah the times where I had to decide on a book or wallet that goes in the purse. I also loved seeing the progress of my bookmark as it makes its way through my book and of course the gorgeous book covers.

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But I noticed that there were times where I couldn’t read simply because the book was too big to carry around. Or I was uncomfortable reading in public or I wanted access to more titles that I didn’t want to purchase a physical copy for.

When I discovered the possibility of getting a EReader, I hesitated. Spending so much on a device that I might just hate. An EReader doesn’t feel, smell or look like my beloved books. I wanted to read more but I was afraid to make the purchase.

I was very fortunate to be gifted a Kindle Oasis two Christmases ago by my father. Who lovingly refers to it as my “Electrical Book.” Since then, I never regretted having a Kindle to read electronic copies of books.

Let me give you some reasons as to why I love having an EReader and why it is so worth it.

  • The size and the storage capacity
    • Imagine this, a library in the palm of your hand. Many EReaders have an incredible storage capacity to store books all at once. Unlike the towers of books where you are wondering where you will get the shelf space for, this is not like that. Depending on the GB, it can store between 3,500 to 15,000. Being able to read multiple books at once on a handheld device never felt so good. I did notice that my purse stopped breaking once I stopped carrying all my books around.
  • Hiding the book cover
    • Do you want to read a book that has a book cover that can obviously show what kind of smut, I mean book you are reading? I know some people don’t give a crap about what people think. But if you are like me, I am kind of private about the kind of trash I am reading. An EReader can give you the opportunity to take your book out and people won’t know what you are reading. Every once in a while, I will have my doctor, or somebody ask me what I am reading. Full disclosure, I don’t just read trash, but sometimes I am not in the mood to talk about my favorite fantasy book to someone who just doesn’t care what I am reading. Small talk: just as bad as asking about the weather.
  • Access to titles you may not have been able to in the past 
    • Having an EReader opens the door to get access to more titles at a lower cost. There is your public library, Kindle Unlimited, or just simply cheaper prices than buying a physical book. I can try out a title that I don’t have to wait for it to be delivered to me and immediately start reading. Instant gratification.
  • Travel
    • Ever tried packing 5-6 books because you can’t decide on which book to read? I am the number one person who has struggled with this. It gets more difficult when you want to carry several 700-page books with you. With an EReader, it is just easier to carry in your car, backpack/purse, plane or one time for me a cruise. EReaders are best when there is a weight limit for your luggage and traveling light is recommended.
  • Being able to read anywhere at any time
    • This is my favorite reason. I love bringing a book wherever I go. I don’t really necessarily like scrolling through social media or sitting around in general. So, pulling out a book has been my go-to for entertainment when waiting in lines, reading while my husband watching a particularly boring tv show or sitting for appointments. When I got a Kindle Oasis, I started reading more often because it is easier to carry around and put away quickly. Other places I have been using it are while I eat breakfast (self care), waiting rooms or reading in bed. I am one of those weird types that likes to read in the dark and it made it easier for me to do that. Agh, the pesky bright lamps.
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All in all, I would recommend getting an Ereader. A lot of times the people who hesitate the most, are the ones who are super grateful to finally get an EReader. I haven’t met a single person who regretted getting one. It just made their lives simpler and their reading expanded.

Do your research on which EReader will suit your needs and have fun!

What EReader did I get?

Kindle Oasis. I love the size and the features that the Kindle Oasis provides. I personally would recommend getting a sleeve or a cover to protect device. I know that can be a concern when buying an expensive Kindle. I always get the one with a kick stand so if I am eating or feeling lazy, I can prop the device on its own and continue reading.

Get this cover HERE on Amazon

But for a cheaper option with Amazon, you can get Kindle Paperwhite. I see on social media that many people opt for this option because of the size and the price.

Let me know if you decide to buy one! Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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