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You Deserve Each Other

By: Sarah Hogle

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You Deserve Each Other is a hilarious rom com of a couple who fell out of love during their engagement. To avoid losing or forfeiting the cost of the wedding, they decided to prank one another to force each other to quit.

I am not going to lie, I almost DNF this book halfway. The pace of the story midway was just dragging. But, pushing through that, I am glad that I did finish the book.

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Noami and Nicholas have an interesting relationship living together in their apartment and preparing for their wedding. Well actually, more like Nicholas’s mother preparing for their wedding.

The only unbearable thing is the unhealthy relationship that Nicholas has with his mother. Would go to their house for dinner every weekend, shovel their driveway, and she would call or text constantly.

Very unhealthy and something I would be running for the hills for because there are so many red flags. I am surprised that they didn’t go to couples therapy to address this. 

So, Noami fills second place and is not so in love with Nicholas anymore. So, to fight back in her own way, she started standing up to Nicholas’ mother in super passive aggressive ways. Like changing the cake order and such.

Nicholas wouldn’t really per say prank Noami, it was more on the Noami side that did all the dirty work. You can see all the resentment from her as she got back at Nicholas.

During that time, they start falling back in love with one another. Because through the pranking they started realizing what they really wanted in the relationship and started being themselves.

But in the end, what it all boils down to is being honest with yourself and with the other person. Communication. 

That is why this story pulled through for me. Is that in every relationship, this can honestly happen. So, through the tough time, you got to choose one another over friends and even family. Choose to work through it.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

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